Pet Odor and Stain Removal


Keep your home looking and smelling its best with JRJ Pro Clean’s pet odor and stain removal services. Eliminate embarrassing pet odor from your carpet and furniture. Since everyone’s needs are different, JRJ Pro Clean will conduct an initial evaluation of the odor to determine the best method for removal. Afterwards, our cleaning professional will conduct the cleaning to have your home smelling fresh and new.


Also take care of unsightly stains caused by pet “accidents,” bodily fluid, food stains, and any other stain you can imagine. Pet stains are removed through a variety of methods, including an enzyme treatment that breaks down even difficult-to-remove stains caused by dyes and coloring in pet food. Contact us to learn more and for stain removal recommendations given the cause of the stain and the type of carpet.


You can also use the online form to request a quote. All in-person estimates are guaranteed for 30 days.


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