Carpet Mold Prevention – Carpet Water Damage Resolution

Untreated water damage can result in unsightly and unhealthy mold growth. Keep your home safe and comfortable by stopping the spread of mold. Mold growth can take over your house, causing allergies and odors, while also compromising the value and structure of your home. Call JRJ Pro Clean to find out how they can help control mold growth in your home or business.   JRJ Pro Clean can help control mold growth in your home using either a mold inhibitor or an organic mold inhibitor for the environmentally conscious. We also offer mold stain removal services to erase any visible trace of the mold once it is treated and eliminated.   JRJ Pro Clean also has certified mold remediation specialists on staff to handle serious mold problems. No matter how big or small, the professionals at JRJ Pro Clean can help take care of mold problems in your home or office.   Contact us to find out more about JRJ Pro Clean’s mold prevention services.   You can also use the online form to request a quote. All in-person estimates are guaranteed for 30 days.   Also, ask about our structural drying and carpet drying services.



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