Organic Green Cleaning – Commercial


Is your company environmentally friendly? Are you concerned about the health and safety of your employees and customers? Do you want to avoid the chemical smell that results from traditional carpet cleaning methods?  If so, consider the organic green cleaning services offered by JRJ Pro Clean for your business.


Keep your business looking its best with a beautifully cleaned and maintained carpet. Our organic green cleaning services are perfect for people who are sensitive to chemicals. Even our most particular customers are happy with the results of our organic green cleaning services! It is also perfect for those who are mindful about the environment, since the cleaning solutions contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and produce no odors.


Don’t think you have the time to have your carpet cleaned because it will interfere with business? The professionals at JRJ Pro Clean are able to work around your business’ unique schedule and also offer quick drying options for hectic businesses who can’t afford any downtime. JRJ Pro Clean provides hot water extraction/steam cleaning and dry encapsulation cleaning services. Contact us to find out about our services and flexible schedules and learn how we can meet your business’ carpet cleaning needs. Also ask about our volume discount – the higher square footage of cleaning, the lower the price per square foot.


You can also use the online form to request a quote. All in-person estimates are guaranteed for 30 days.


Also ask about our furniture cleaning and tile and grout cleaning services.