Wait! Save the Carpet & the Money

Realtors can help their clients add money to the bottom line by suggesting carpet cleaning and repair instead of full replacement. Homeowners preparing to put their house on the market endure a lot of expense – from new countertops and appliances to general maintenance and repair. If it’s possible to keep the old carpet and still get top dollar for the property, why not do it?
If it’s renters coming into the property, all the more reason to keep money in the budget while still giving the tenants a beautiful home. In some cases, replacement may be required by law or by rental agreement, but if not, save the money for future maintenance.
Take a look around, is the carpet worn down so the backing shows through? If so, it needs to be replaced. If it’s just dirty and showing signs of ware, it can likely be cleaned and made to look almost new again – even if the stains have been there for some time.
Look again. Are there unsightly wrinkles scattered around the floor? Not to worry, a good restretching and cleaning may be enough to make it look good again.
Carpet pricing varies of course, but assume an inexpensive option is chosen at a $2.50 per square foot, not including labor or a new pad, that’s $300 for carpeting in just one 12 X 12 room.
Professional carpet cleaning, repair and restretching will save money and have the carpet looking almost new for potential buyers. Estimates typically come in at cents, instead of dollars, on the square foot. This makes it a wonderful and cost-effective option for the seller. A good carpet cleaner should be able to visit the home and provide an accurate estimate for service. They should also be able to tell you if there are stains they will not be able to remove or damage they cannot repair. Having this information will help the seller decide the best course of action in terms of cleaning or replacement.
At JRJ ProClean, we are often trusted to work when homeowners are not home, allowing for complete flexibility in timing and the quickest most efficient service. That way homeowners and agents can focus on getting the house listed instead of on the work that needs to be done.
Before advising clients to replace their carpet, consider getting an estimate for cleaning and restretching. It may mean a larger profit at the end of the sale.