Carpet Repair May Be The Best Option

Have you been staring at those ugly wrinkles in your carpeting for too long? Not only are they unsightly, they may be a trip hazard. Do you think your only option is replacement? Well, that may not be the case.
We will be happy to provide a free assessment, to first of all see if your carpeting can be saved or if it can’t, we may recommend carpet replacement. If your carpet can be repaired we will provide a free estimate to remove those ugly wrinkles and bring the life back to your carpet.


Our method of stretching carpet is called “power stretching.” Above is a picture of power stretcher. This method is much more effective than traditional carpet stretching only with a knee kicker. With a knee kicker you can only stretch a fraction of what can be achieved with a power stretcher and the carpet cannot be held in place as securely to refasten it to the tack strip.
The back of the power stretcher is braced up against the baseboard in the room that needs stretching, the tubing sections are joined together to achieve the necessary length to allow the head of the stretcher to be close to the opposite wall, then the handle is pushed down and this spreads the carpet and removes wrinkles.
Carpet and it’s wrinkles are unpredictable. In our almost 20 years of experience in carpet power stretching, we have corrected various types of carpet wrinkle scenarios. We look at each job carefully before we begin work. We communicate to the home owner the complete process, step by step including what furniture we will need to move and how and where it will need to be moved. Large furniture such as beds and dressers don’t normally have to be removed from the area. We can shift them around the room with furniture sliders and have all the access we need for a proper carpet stretching.
A choice to consider if the carpet in your home is loose or wrinkled. Selling your home is expensive, why have the added expense of carpet replacement when it may not be necessary? Are you renting out your home? Why should you spend thousands on new carpet just to have it destroyed by the new tenants? We have been saving home owners thousands in carpet replacement costs since 1998 and we would be happy to do the same for you!